Laser Profiling

Our Bystronic Bysprint fibre laser is capable of cutting a wide range of ferrous and Non ferrous materials 

Bed size of 3000mm x 1500mm


Copper up to 3mm

Brass   up to 3mm   

Aluminium up to 8mm

Stainless steel up 12mm

Mild steel up tp 20mm

Bed size of 3000mm x 1500mm


If you have a requirement for laser cut products please call us now on 01536 484495

Being based in Kettering near to Northampton we are centrally based within the UK with close access to Motorways M1, M6 etc.

CNC Bend Forming

CNC Sheet bending work is performed on one of our 3 press brakes

3m 100 tonne Edwards Pearson

2m 100 tonne Amada

1m 50 tonne Adira

We also have two 40 tonne Norton hydraulic press's for small press tools as well as an electric Tube bender.


The fabrication shop can produce small or large components from mild steel, stainless and aluminium

Mig or Tig welding across all materials.

we work with box, tube and angle as well as parts that have been cut and formed to Autocad DXF and DWG files in our other departments.

Customers can choose the finish they require from Raw, Rumbled Powder coated or Plated.

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